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The Story of The Madrigal

The singers of Profeti della Quinta and the bassist and composer Elam Rotem specialize in music from the Baroque and Renaissance periods. The Madrigal was the most prominent genre of secular vocal music in the Renaissance and early Baroque periods. This program follows its evolution from the highly expressive polyphony of Cipriano de Rore, to the revolutionary madrigals by Claudio Monteverdi that shaped the Baroque era.

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Castille to Samarkand

The 15th and 16th centuries have been described as “The Golden Age of Spanish music”, but they were also prolific periods for musicians in the Persian courts and throughout the Ottoman Empire. This journey from Castille to Samarkand brings into dialogue the music of the Spanish renaissance with Persian/Ottoman masterpieces taken from manuscripts unearthed in monasteries and palace libraries, such as Topkapi.