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“…I shall have the Forgiveness of those noble Persons, who have honour’d me with their Patronage, and their Subscription this Winter, if I beg their Permission to stop short, before my Losses are too great to support,…”

G. F. Handel – Daily Adventurer, January 1745.

For Pacific Baroque Festival organisers, the ‘period experience’ extends beyond the music – some things clearly never change with time. Like Handel, the Pacific Baroque Festival must reach out to donors, sponsors and ticket subscribers to support its inspirational historically informed performances.

We welcome your donation!

Your donation matters! You can keep the Festival’s music brighten each February!


Here’s how you can give to your community’s music:


  • On-line donation below

  • Donations by cheque: cheques should be made payable to “Victoria Conservatory of Music” with “Pacific Baroque Festival” indicated on the memo line. Donations may be mailed to:

Pacific Baroque Festival
Victoria Conservatory of Music
900 Johnson St
Victoria, BC
V8V 3N4


Donations will receive an official tax receipt for income tax purposes.


The Pacific Baroque Festival is a program of the Victoria Conservatory of Music.

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