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In the Fall of 2017, Early Music Vancouver (EMV) piloted a new scholarship programme awarding up to 10 scholarships to BC residents. Qualified candidates must be professional-track music students or active professional musicians seeking to develop skills in early music performance. This initiative, like EMV’s Baroque Orchestra Mentorship Programme at UBC, is aimed at increasing the long-term sustainability of the regional period instrument scene in BC by providing instruction on early music performance through private lessons with primarily regionally-based professional artists. Involvement in the Baroque Orchestra Mentorship Programme is encouraged but not required.

Applications to study with professional instructors of all period instruments will be considered for scholarships. EMV has identified qualified regional instructors for students wishing to study baroque violin and viola, baroque cello, gamba, baroque flute, baroque and renaissance recorder, baroque bassoon and dulcian, baroque oboe, natural trumpet and cornetto, natural horn, sackbut, organ, harpsichord, fortepiano, renaissance and baroque lute, and voice.



We are no longer accepting applicants for the 2022/23 season. Please apply in the fall of 2023!


  1. Contact Information: (Full name, mailing address, email address, phone number)

  2. Educational Background/Resume

  3. A brief essay in which you describe your musical background, your specific experience with early music, the name and background of the teacher you would like to study with, and how the further exploration of early music performance will enhance your development as a musician. Word Limit: 500 Max

  4. Two letters of recommendation (testimonial via email are acceptable), one sent directly from a teacher who can comment on your experience in early music, and one sent directly from a principal music teacher who can comment on your work more broadly.

  5. A 5-minute unedited audio/video recording of Baroque or Classical music performed on your historical or your modern instrument.




The maximum number of awards to be given in a year is set at 10 students, each of whom can be awarded as many as 15 private hour-long lessons over the course of the year. The total number of scholarship recipients to be determined in a year will be based on the size and quality of the applicant pool. A progress review will be submitted by instructors for each student once seven lessons have been completed. Note: previous scholarship winners are welcome to apply again.


Applications are reviewed by an anonymous panel of judges. 


The application deadline for the 2022-23 has now passed.

2022-2023 Scholarship Winners
Catie Akune - violin
Alex Chen - voice
Connor Page - keyboard

Winners of partial scholarships
Eóghan Bostock 
- keyboard
Hannah Burton -violin
Zin Cho - keyboard
Erin Dorfer -violin
Bogdan Dulu - keyboard
Sarah Kwok - viola
Julian Lee De Vita - cello
Emma Petersen - voice
Isolde Roberts-Welby - voice
Brittany St. Clair  - voice
Maria Wang - cello

This initiative is supported by Bryan & Gail Atkins.

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